Blood vessels & redness

Blood Vessels & Redness


Redness or blood vessels on the face can be the result of sun damage or may be attributable to certain medical conditions such as rosacea. One of the safest, most effective treatments for red and blotchy skin involves the use of an FDA-approved medical device called “IPL” or intense pulsed light/photorejuvenation laser. This gentle, non-ablative treatment targets both blood vessels and brown spots, resulting in a more even skin tone. IPL also has the added benefit of gently stimulating collagen production to improve fine lines. In general, you can see results after a series of three to five treatments, each lasting about 45 to 60 minutes, with little downtime. For optimal results, we suggest annual treatments. At Northwest Skin Specialists, we’ve chosen the Palomar platform, which has demonstrated excellence in the laser industry for both its safety and efficacy, two criteria we consider essential when selecting new cosmetic technologies.


Smaller blood vessels, such as spider veins or telangiectasia, are common on the legs and around the nose. These can be treated with sclerotherapy, which involves the injection of a mild sclerosing agent through a very fine needle. The solution irritates the lining of the vessels, causing them to shrink and fade. Typically, three or four sessions, spaced about six to eight weeks apart, are required.  Our providers can evaluate whether you are a candidate for this service or if a referral to a vascular specialist might be warranted.