Contact Information

Medical care
As of June 1, 2020, our office is closed. You will need to contact your primary care provider (PCP) and/or refer to your health care plan for local availability. You may also check for an accredited dermatologist in your area.

For psoriasis
Clive Liu, M.D. (425) 455-2275 or Peter Jenkin, M.D. (206) 267-2100

For skin exams and medical dermatology
The Skin Surgery Center
206-812-1866 (dedicated line for skin exams only)

Arboretum Dermatology: 206-462-5850

Eastside Dermatology: 425-454-1104

Lake Washington Dermatology: 425-821-6363

Modern Dermatology: 206-489-2530

Spectrum Dermatology: 206-707-9299

Westside Dermatology: 206-937-8954

Prescription refills
Please contact your pharmacy. We will accept refill requests until June 26, 2020.

Billing questions
Contact Medical Billing Solutions at (206) 431-0138

Release of medical records
Due to our patient volume, we are unable to fulfill requests at this time.

Providers may request URGENT records via fax but should be limited to necessary information only.

Please be aware that per Washington State Law, the cost includes a $26 finder fee plus $1.11/page x 30 pages and $0.88 per page thereafter. Postage fees apply.

We hope to have our data management service in place by June 30th. It is best to limit your request to your last office visit, relevant labs, and any previous pathology reports.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult transition.